“We found that you couldn’t get the intensity if you’re up front with the comedy,” says Dead Rising 3 Executive Producer

Benjamin Ebell June 10, 2013 - 7:18 pm

An apparent shift in tone for this Xbox One holiday exclusive.

dead rising 3 comparison

Dead Rising was one of those games that really exemplified “next-gen” when the Xbox 360 first came out. With thousands of zombies on-screen, Dead Rising was a decidedly whacky take on Romero’s Dawn of the Dead that finally lived up to the kind of zombie game I always wanted. In today’s press conference, Microsoft and Capcom took Dead Rising to the next level with a huge open world devoid of the annoying loading screens from the previous games, chock full of makeshift weaponry and thousands upon thousands of the living dead. From what we saw it was also a distinct shift in tone from the previous games, known for over-the-top protagonists dressed in Mega Man outfits suplexing zombies, laser weapons and psychotic clowns.

The preview for Dead Rising 3 was exceptionally gritty, looking more in line with State of Decay or Resident Evil 6 than Dead Rising. Zombies seemed more dangerous and frightening, the combat more visceral and less cartoonish. According to executive producer Josh Bridge, this shift in tone was intentional.

“We found that you couldn’t get the intensity if you’re up front with the comedy,” said Bridge in an interview with Game Trailers. Bridge went on to say that the comedy was “still there,” but it was up to the player to choose whether or not to explore those elements. “What we did this time around was craft an experience with a world that felt more engaging,” said Bridge. “If you want to goofball around, it’s in there.”

Bridge also touched on the story momentarily. Dead Rising 3 takes place in the same story arc of the series (which means the inevitable Frank West remake is still in the cards) but in a city that has already been devastated by the outbreak. Much of the gameplay will emphasize scavenging for supplies and creating useful items from the scrap. It was also confirmed to feature online co-op, though no further details were given beyond that.

Dead Rising 3 certainly looks like a natural evolution for the series and is a gorgeous game, but in becoming bigger and more bombastic I can’t help but worry that it’s lost some of the charm and quirk that made it so fun in the first place. Dead Rising 3 will be released during this holiday season as an Xbox One exclusive.

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