New Ninja Theory game is a free-to-play mobile brawler

Benjamin Ebell May 24, 2013 - 1:22 pm

Ninja Theory’s latest is Fightback, an 80s inspired mobile romp.


Following Ninja Theory’s cryptic tweet yesterday, a world of possibilities was open. Would they announce a sequel to DmC: Devil May Cry so soon? Perhaps the long awaited sequel to the criminally underrated Heavenly Sword? A new IP entirely?

Alas, news comes from indie mobile publisher Chillingo today that Ninja Theory’s latest project is a free-to-play mobile brawler with a “striking 80s action movie vibe and a revolutionary touch-based combat system.” Set for release this summer on iOS and Google Play, the game will make an appearance at E3 for those curious enough to check it out.

“Mobile and tablet gaming is a phenomenon that we just couldn’t ignore as a studio and we’re very proud to be working with one of the industry’s heavy-weights on bringing Fightback to market.” said Dominic Matthews, Product Manager at Ninja Theory.

Although it’s a phenomenon they felt they couldn’t ignore, I’m pretty sure they could’ve. Most of my enjoyment from Ninja Theory games rarely come from the gameplay, which barring DmC is usually one of the weakest points compared to their stellar writing and character performances. While I’ll reserve final judgement for when it’s eventually released since I’ve been pleasantly surprised by a mobile brawler before (the free-to-play mobile version of Injustice: Gods Among Us comes to mind), they should really just getting back to making a sequel to Heavenly Sword.

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