TinyKeep, A humble 3d action RPG, lands on Kickstarter

Sean Cargle May 9, 2013 - 12:50 am

This action RPG is a week into its Kickstarter run and it might just have enough, or little enough, going on to make you interested.

There are a great many Kickstarter’s out there for video games and many of them have are so ambitious with their ideas and goals that they can leave backers upset with how long the game is taking to develop, or worse, upset with the final product not including much of what was originally pitched. TinyKeep is on the other end of the spectrum, it is simple and it is made by a team of three. It doesn’t have any “the sky is the limit” kind of goals, but instead it is grounded in a well known genre and is aiming to do some interesting things with it.

TinyKeep is a class based dungeon crawler that is going to have procedurally generated dungeons (which players will be able to make themselves), a wide variety of enemies, a some-what advanced AI that will allow enemies to hate and fight each other if you lure them into proximity, persistent characters, and some interesting stretch goals. As you can tell it isn’t all that unique, but it does seem really solid and focused on creating gameplay that people can love.

This small game is only aiming for £22,162, which is enough to just finish the game, but I’d argue that it isn’t really worth as it a backer unless you get to some of these stretch goals. For me the game sounds moderately enjoyable in concept, but it sounds immensely more engaging as a co-op online experience. That is one of their stretch goals and if they manage to get there you will be able to share dungeon creations with friends and dive into it with them in co-op. Simple, but not something that is done often in small scale RPGs like this.

If you find any of that to be even slightly intriguing then head on over to the TinyKeep Kickstarter page to see what it is all about. The Kickstarter started at the beginning of May and they are still  £18,000 from the goal. You may also check out the pitch video below.

YouTube Preview Image

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