After ten years of EVE Online, CCP Games CEO believes “it will outlive us all”

Joannes Truyens May 6, 2013 - 9:22 am

EVE Online turns ten years old today, and CCP Games CEO Hilmar Pétursson takes this opportunity to look back as well as forward on a game experience that he believes will “outlive us all.”


As far as player-driven experiences go, EVE Online is right up there with the likes of Minecraft. The space MMORPG has no pre-authored story experience and relies fully on the actions of its massive player base. That can get pretty convoluted, but developer CCP Games wouldn’t have it any other way. With EVE Online turning ten today, CEO Hilmar Pétursson waxes lyrical.

“This is a sentimental moment for all of us at CCP. This is something we have strived for against all odds, and against all rational, logical expectation of what is reasonable to do in a decade,” Pétursson tells VG247.

“We’ve brought millions of people along for the ride, and we hope to inspire a new decade of EVE Online and to really explore this concept that has long since turned into more than just a computer game. I’ve been watching this evolve for a decade, but our best work is ahead of us. I now really believe in my mind that EVE will outlive us all,” he claims.

It’s a bold statement, but not as far-fetched as it may seem. “We’ll continue to grow the physical space in terms of star systems, but also think more about how we can grow the world inwards. Dust 514 of cours, is a great example of how we’ve done that by turning all of the planets in EVE into content. There are districts on planets, and players are even mapping out where battles are taking place, and you see these little flashes of white whenever battles are ongoing.”

Lofty goals, but if the last ten years are any indication, the next shouldn’t pale in comparison. The next chapter of EVE Online launches next week with the introduction of Dust 514.

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