A.N.N.E. Kickstarter launches for cross genre fun

James Haresign April 24, 2013 - 9:56 am

Gamebymo have launched a Kickstarter for hybrid Metroidvania/Schmup game A.N.N.E. with some physics puzzles thrown in for good measure.

anne kickstarter metroidvania

Imagine a Metroid where Samus’ ship isn’t just a start and end point but an actual ship. One you can use to fly around the planet to reach whole new areas, getting into schmup style fights as you go. That would be pretty sweet. That’s also what Gamesbymo are looking to create with their Metroidvania title, A.N.N.E.

The game has been in development for a little while, but Gamesbymo has taken to Kickstater in order to secure the funding to go full-time on A.N.N.E.’s production as well as draft in some more staff. They’re asking for $70,000 and has managed $16,623 in the couple of days it’s already been running.

While the game tells the story of Robot No. 25 and his attempt to rescue his girlfriend (the character the name takes its name from) Gamesbymo has said he wants have the option of reversing that so you can play as either side. However, this “Gender Swap Mode” is only a stretch goal for $100,000, which seems a bit high to me. Judging from what we can see in the Kickstarter pitch and the Reveal Trailer (below) it doesn’t seem that much more work than a palette swap and probably some text changes. Or maybe I’m over-simplifying.

Other stretch goals include Mac and Linux versions at $90,000, OUYA at $130,000, PSN/VITA versions at $145,000 and a Wii U version at $180,000. If Kickstarter isn’t your thing, or you want to help in anyway you can, there’s also a Steam Greenlight page up for A.N.N.E.

For a genre that has been pretty much ignored except by its namesakes, Metroidvanias have really started to spring up in the indie community. Which is good, because I’ve always felt there was more to be done here.

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