Silent Hill: Book of Memories drudges up some DLC next week

Benjamin Ebell March 14, 2013 - 1:32 pm

Silent Hill: Dungeon Crawler Edition gets a host of new content because someone out there might buy it. Maybe.

silent hill book of memories

I don’t mean to rag on Silent Hill: Book of Memories. By all accounts its a decent if somewhat ordinary dungeon crawler dressed up with Silent Hill trappings, a series which I hold near and dear to my heart. But the existence of downloadable content for the game, implied to be the first of several, is somewhat puzzling given it’s middling reception and total sales of about 60k units. But hey, they decided it was worth it so here it goes.

The latest update for the game addressed some balance issues and eased up on the difficulty by altering the respawn system. It also added support for the first DLC pack, due out on March 19th, which adds “10 new playable characters, 50 new outfits, 10 new weapons, and 2 new enemies” among numerous other additions. Many of these additions will probably look familiar to longtime fans – the Princess Heart costume from Silent Hill 3 makes an appearance as well as a pillow weapon (Silent Hill 2 wink wink).


It’s surprising and somewhat gratifying to see Konami actually support a Silent Hill game for once, even if it’s just Book of Memories. The HD Collection on Xbox 360 was left high and dry (although both were done pretty poorly, even if the PS3 version got a patch) and Downpour’s patches were delayed and released quite late.

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