Dual Shock 4 and Orbis dev kit photos surface

Benjamin Ebell February 15, 2013 - 2:30 pm

Photos confirm rumor of Dual Shock 4 touch pad and possible Move integration.

dual shock 4

It’s so hard to keep a secret nowadays. Sony’s big announcement (that is almost certainly for the PlayStation 4) is only five days away, so it was only a matter of time before something leaked out prior. A picture surfaced yesterday on Destructoid of what appeared to be a prototype or development kit version of the Dual Shock 4. The picture has since been confirmed by sources for both Destructoid and Eurogamer that what you’re seeing is indeed the next PlayStation controller, albeit a bit rougher around the edges than the final consumer version.

So what does this tell us? Well, it confirms the rumors that the Dual Shock 4 would have a touch pad in place of the start and select buttons with similar capabilities to the rear touch pad of the Vita. The rear touch on the Vita is capable of reading two inputs at once, so what we’re looking at could possibly be used in games for movements that require fine adjustment (such as lining up a sniper shot) and probably a whole host of other things. I expect the PlayStation 4 Uncharted will have plenty of “swipe this dirt off the ancient tablet!”

It looks like Sony has kept their analog sticks in their original locations and as a fan of the Dual Shock design I appreciate that. The touchpad has made the whole controller a bit wider, so maybe those who previously felt it was cramped won’t run into the problems of the past. The lips on the previously convex sticks should prevent slipping.

Perhaps the two most interesting additions are the internal loudspeaker (pictured above the PlayStation button) and the Move-like blue light on the top of the controller. The loudspeaker could be used for any number of things, but the Move light indicates that the Dual Shock could possibly be used as a replacement for the standalone Move device. Rumors have indicated the Orbis will ship with a dual-camera setup and commit more heavily to the Move, which although technologically was a great device lacked the marketing and development power to make it a success.

The big PlayStation announcement is coming in five days, and although I enjoy being surprised, I expect we’ll see some more information leak between now and then. It’s just the nature of the Internet.

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