Shootmania Storm enters open beta

Michael Johnson February 12, 2013 - 5:40 pm

Coming from Ubisoft and Nadeo, Shootmania – the skill-based FPS with thousands of user-created maps enters open beta

Shootmania Storm enters open betaFirstly, I can answer the question on everyone’s lips – yes, Shootmania’s beta release is most definitely accompanied by a bombastic video, featuring some ‘enthusiastic’ dubstep. If you enjoy having your brain wubbed into submission I suggest you skip to around the halfway point of the video below.

Shootmania looks a lot like a railgun match in Quake III Arena, fast-paced with lots of fragging and jumping around. The most interesting thing about Shootmania is a feature shared with all the ManiaPlanet titles (of which TrackMania is also a part) – user created content. The video boasts that there are over 25000 different maps, created by players. It also features what appear to be wrist-mounted weapons, and some rather ugly orange numbers popping out of people when you shoot them. Wrist-mounted weapons in an FPS is kind of interesting, certainly a move away from ‘gun-porn’.  I’m not so sure about the orange numbers though, they get in the way of the action and the font is horrendous.

To try out the open beta before the game’s release on the 10th of April, head here. You can also pre-order for a 20% discount.

Check out the beta video below and stay logged in to BeefJack for the latest on Shootmania Storm.


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