Sony asks you to “See the Future”

Keegan Spindler February 1, 2013 - 12:04 pm

Sony are real teases aren’t they? After all the rumours about the new generation, they’ve gone right ahead and released a video called “See the Future”.

sony teases the future

Apparently the future is all mood lighting, sparks and flashing colours, and floating logos. Oh, and a date. February 20.

It’s all kicked off on the internet at least, with rumours flying about the newest generation of consoles being on their way. The rumours have only been compounded by the invites that Sony sent out to journalists, inviting them to the Playstation Meeting 2013, which takes place on the very same day.

Of course, Sony may well be throwing a curveball and there is no guarantee that Sony will be making a move anytime soon. The PS4 may be on the horizon, sure, but it may not be. We’ll find out on February 20.

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