Sony screwed up with Ni No Kuni digital pre-orders

Keegan Spindler February 1, 2013 - 10:30 am

When you pre-order a product you expect to be able to play the game on day of release, especially if that’s what the pre-order promised. Unfortunately, Sony dropped the ball on their Ni No Kuni pre-orders.


£50 is a lot of money to shell out for a game, especially when you can get the game for a chunk less a lot of other places. It seems though, that the lure of being able to play a game at midnight on launch day was more than enough to get people pre-ordering from the PSN Store. The game was promised to pre-load over the course of the days prior to release, with the game becoming available to play as the clock ticked over to midnight.

According to this thread on the Sony forums however, it all went a little wrong. At midnight people logged on, eager to play their game, only to find an error message. It seems that the pre-loading process had gone a little wrong. The Ni No Kuni download is made up to seperate downloads, a 5.9 GB and a 16 GB download. PSN only pre-loaded the 5.9 GB download, meaning that when people actually tried to play Ni No Kuni, it didn’t work, and there was no way to access or redownload the 16 GB section.

Now the game has been entirely removed from the PSN, and Sony are working to get the situation rectified. It’s little consolation to those who payed for the privilege of playing the game early, but they will get to play the game. Eventually.

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