This is what a battle of over 2,800 players looks like

Keegan Spindler January 28, 2013 - 1:17 pm

EVE Online has been around for a while, allowing players to create their own sci fi lives in space, complete with ships, trading and battles. Epic battles, as these images show.

eve online 2800 player battle

To be honest, as epic in scale as they are, they images posted to NEOgaf are not exactly pretty. Interesting, yes, but not particularly good looking. It’s pretty much just a swirling vortex of ships that seem to be either crashing into each other constantly. Or phasing through each other. It’s pretty much a swirling vortex of chaotic doom.

There’s not even any footage of this epic battle, as when that many players get into a fight everything slows way down. So far down that there is no point in even trying to film it. Which begs the question of how the hell they actually played it, but then again, I’m no EVE player.

Check out a couple of other images down below.

eve online 2800 player battle 1 eve online 2800 player battle 2 eve online 2800 player battle 3 eve online 2800 player battle 4

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