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Lewis Denby December 7, 2012 - 11:00 am

Hello, and welcome to the brand new BeefJack.com! A lot has changed around these parts, so we’d better have a quick catch-up to tell you what’s been going on…

Well, it’s all a bit different, isn’t it? And so, finally, it falls to me to welcome you all to a new era of BeefJack – one we’ve been planning for as long as I can remember, and which we’re launching today. I’d like to tell you a little bit about the new site and how it works. But first I’d like to give you a brief history of the current era of BeefJack, and let you know what’s been building up to this radically new web design.

Back in March, around the time we set up our sister department and finally moved into our first office, we hired a man named Richard Fernandes. He’s a graphic designer and branding expert, and over the past several months he’s been working with us to not only enhance our look, putting together a new logo and general theme for BeefJack, but also to bring our core values to the forefront of everything we do.

This might sound like nasty corporate speak, but that couldn’t be further from the truth – we’re a small independent company, after all. We just want to make sure we’re communicating what’s important to us, and what BeefJack is all about. We’re a fun, friendly and welcoming gaming community that isn’t afraid to stray away from the pack. We want to be a premier destination for alternative gaming content on the web, not just reporting on the triple-A mainstream blockbusters, but also championing little-known indie games, exploring strange genre-busting experiences, and debating issues we feel are important to the games industry.

As I explore an almost-finished site a few days ahead of launch, I’m confident that Richard’s absolutely nailed what we’re going for: a smart, sleek and slick space that’s just a little bit quirky too. The entire team responsible for creating this website (Richard Fernandes, as well as programmer Farhad Poorsolaymani and art lead Richard Merrick) has worked ridiculously hard to make those initial ideas a reality, and I can’t wait to see how things progress from here. But first, let’s take a look at what’s new.

One website

Until now, BeefJack.com has comprised three separate websites, each with its own sub-domain. These sub-domains will continue to exist, but from now on we’ll be pulling everything we do into one seamless website you can navigate with ease. So whether you’re looking to read about games, talk about games or play games, you’ll be able to do so without leaving the website – and all the sections should be accessible from anywhere on the website via the handy new drop-down menu system.

Unique content

Based on the users’ surveys we send out every so often – in particular the most recent one – we know that a lot of our readers are itching for more content about the gaming matters that don’t always get the column inches. So we want to be a leading website for alternative gaming content. Whether it’s smaller indie games, esoteric and ambitious experiments, or the issues that bubble away under the surface of the games industry, we want to bring you content about fascinating gaming gubbins that you can’t find anywhere else on the web, and tell you invite you to share what we think is exciting about our field right now.

Community focus

BeefJack.com’s Members area has undergone a bit of an overhaul, and we’ll now be placing more of a focus on our community. You can join or start groups based on your specialist interests, be in with the chance of winning games and gaming merchandise in one of our regular competitions, and compete for supremacy via our online leaderboards. We’ll be developing BeefJack’s community functionality as the weeks and months tick on, so be sure to keep checking the Members area to see what’s new.

More to come…

That’s the bulk of the update for now, but there’ll be more rolled out in the weeks and months ahead, including better mobile and tablet functionality, additional community features, and all sorts of crazy crap that’s currently darting around in our little brains. Of course, we’ll be sure to let you know when this will be live. In the meantime, you should totally get in touch if you have any suggestions or comments about the new website – email ldenby[at]beefjack[dot]com and I’ll do my best to read them all!

And that’s pretty much that! I really hope you like the new site, and the content we’re going to be putting on it.

All the best,

Lewis Denby
Executive Editor

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