Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption Kickstarter campaign reaches goal with 5 hours remaining

Michael Johnson November 20, 2012 - 3:54 pm

News: The Kickstarter campaign for Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption has reached its target of $400,000 with just 5 hours remaining on the clock.

Hero-U comes from the creators behind the classic Sierra series Quest for Glory and looks to follow in the footsteps of those games by combining tactical RPG elements with the puzzles and narrative you might expect from an adventure game. It also claims to include humour, mainly represented in the Kickstarter video by a bloke trying really hard to sound as goofy as possible. Hopefully some of that $400,000 can be used to hire professional voice actors eh?

Despite the slightly shambolic voice over for the video, Hero-U has some fun looking features, such as conversations that can ‘become a cunning battle of wits’ where the player can use flattery or subterfuge to try and get what they want from characters they meet on their travels.  We’re also told that the story will adapt to the way we play, as our protagonist makes his way through the Hero University and into the world beyond.

Hero-U is also signed up to the Kicking it Forward campaign started up by Brian Fargo of InXile Games (currently working hard on Wasteland 2 we hope, Brian!). The campaign is a pledge to donate 5% of the net revenue from the sales of Hero-U to other Kickstarter campaigns.

If you want to get access to some of the higher reward tiers for Hero-U, you have just 5 hours left to donate. The top tier of $7500 still has two spaces left and will let you meet designers (and creators of Quest for Glory) Corey and Lori Cole, wander through Yosamite park with them and visit some Sierra Landmarks.

We’ll bring you all the news on Hero-U here at Beefjack.

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      • Avatar of Yuliya Geikhman

        Are you an adventure games fan? It’s a point and click – rpg hybrid with a ton of lovably corny, spot-on humor and different ways to achieve things depending on your class… something that was a big deal back in 1898 when it came out. I’m afraid I’m not making it sound too great right now lol. The first game was the best imo, but you can get all 5 for $10 on gog.com if you’re interested. :D

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