Steam Greenlight to become only submission process

James Haresign November 14, 2012 - 10:20 am

News: Valve have made Greenlight the only submission process for new developers and publishers to start selling their titles through Steam.

When Valve launched Steam’s Greenlight project it was seen as a wonderful breeding ground for indie titles. Those that were likely to struggle to get into Steam’s store now had a serious chance. Then Valve added a $100 registration fee because some gamers were taking the mickey with it. Now it’s not just small indie titles that have to use Greenlight, but any new developers and publishers too.

It’s an interesting take, Valve did have a separate submissions process that they reviewed bigger games internally, but that’s gone now. Getting the communities feelings on a game before putting it up does make sense from one point of view. But on the other hand any new developer? There’s been a long running trend within this industry of well established developers splitting off from big studios in order to have more freedom. The way this is set up now, the likes of Peter Molyneux with 22Cans, and whatever Cliff Bleszinski ends up doing, will have to go through Greenlight, which seems a bit silly.

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