Peter Molyneux: “I’m only going to make one more game”

Lewis Denby November 7, 2012 - 12:20 pm

News: 24 hours after the release of Curiosity, Peter Molyneux says he only plans to make one more game – the big project that his studio 22Cans is working up to. Plus, there’s something “huge” happening this Friday…

Peter Molyneux has enjoyed an extensive career spanning multiple decades – and, in the words of the 53-year-old game designer, “death has got to be coming soon, surely.”

As a result, he thinks the major project that his company 22Cans is working on will probably be the last full game he ever makes.

“I’m only going to make one more game, I think,” he told BeefJack this morning. “And that thought – the thought of every ounce of my energy, every ounce of my experience, every mistake that I’ve made in every single game – if I can learn from that, and use that energy to make one game… that’s what I’m trying to do.”

Molyneux revealed that the game has a name, and that a list of some of its features already exists. But as far as the details go, things are very much still up in the air.

“Could I sit down and describe it to you in full at the moment? No, I can’t,” he said. “But that is my thought. We’re going to make a game, we’re going to learn what it is to make a game in today’s world, and it’s going to be the defining game of my career.”

Of course, in the run-up to this game, 22Cans are producing a series of game-related experiments in order to gather data and test certain ideas. The first of these, Curiosity, launched yesterday. (Peter had been awake for 36 hours when we sat down for our interview this morning.)

But it sounds like the second of these – which will be called Co-Operation, and which Molyneux has described as being “like a tug of war” – could launch as early as this this week, if some excitable whispers from the man himself are to be believed.

“The scary thing is, we’re less than 48 hours away from another huge announcement,” he said. “There’s all this Curiosity stuff, and we’re doing all this other stuff as well… it’s amazing.”

Confirming that this had to do with the studio’s next experiment, he added: “And it will be kind of live from Friday.”

‘Kind of’ live?

Molyneux chuckled. “You’ll see.”

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