The Golden Joystick Awards are happening today

Lewis Denby October 26, 2012 - 8:00 am

News: This afternoon marks this year’s Golden Joystick Awards. We already know who the winners are going to be, ridiculously. So how should we play this when we come to blogging it this afternoon?

Man, the Golden Joysticks are sponsor-heavy. Every bloody award, it seems, is the Something Something Award Sponsored By So-And-So. I get the need for sponsorship, but can’t we just plaster posters up around the venue or something? It’s not like I’m going to actually write the full names of any of these anyway.

So, the Golden Joysticks are happening the afternoon. I’m writing all my content in the office at nine in the morning, because hilariously, despite being invited to liveblog the event later, I’ve just been sent an embargoed info sheet telling me who all the winners are going to be. So that’s good.

There’s just one problem: the news is embargoed until 4PM. Which is after the awards, even though I’m apparently allowed to liveblog the results as they come in. So I’m not really sure what to do. Write the whole thing up now and post it after it’s all over? Then the livebloggers will beat me to it. Just liveblog it as normal? Well then what was the point of me spending four whole minutes writing this up?

Well, frankly, I’m going to prepare a post then keep adding names as they’re revealed, with a faux air of surprise. And then probably add the organisers’ statement about this year’s even having been the best yet, even though it hasn’t happened yet. Yeah. Something like that.

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