Valve debuts Concepts Page as a pre-Greenlight

Yuliya Geikhman October 20, 2012 - 3:00 pm

News: Valve’s new Concepts page lets developers gauge reaction and begin building a community before having to put down $100 to enter Greenlight.

Steam Greenlight is a great idea, but putting it into practice has been a bit easier said than done. A little while ago, Valve added a $100 fee for anyone who wants to enter their game (or software, now) into Greenlight, in an attempt to discourage fake and improper entries. But Greenlight was still being accused of being little more than a popularity contest, with the best known games rising among excellent, but little-known entries.

The Concepts page is Valve’s attempt to rectify that. Concepts is a chance for developers to post their projects and gather a community before committing to Greenlight’s $100 fee. The website details the idea behind the Concepts page: “Concepts can be posted for free, but the voting on these items serves only to give the developer data and feedback and does not lead toward getting the game distributed on Steam.”

It’s a good tool for projects still in their early stages, or for anyone who just wants to see how interested the community is. Of course now there’s nothing preventing people from posting joke entries on the Concepts page, just like the floods of fakes that hit Greenlight when it first started. Hopefully a fee to the Concepts page won’t be what’s next for Valve, because that would just be silly.

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