Steam Greenlight “not going to be a golden ticket necessarily,” says Valve dev

James Archer September 28, 2012 - 12:04 pm

News: Valve have warned that getting games onto Steam via Greenlight is no guarantee of success, and that aspiring developers should continue to promote their works elsewhere.

Developers should focus on marketing if they want their games to succeed on Greenlight, Valve told attendees at last weekend’s Fantastic Arcade. RPS reports that designer Alden Kroll and business developer Augusta Butlin offered advice for devs hopeful of selling their creations on Steam, stressing that it will be the creator’s job to drive traffic to their page:

“We have a big audience, sure, but Steam is not going to be a golden ticket necessarily. You also have to work on marketing and getting buzz out there. Getting people excited about your product. There’s a lot of people on Steam, but they’re not there every day looking at the front page.”

With the vast range of titles currently vying for attention on Greenlight, Valve are also looking into how they can balance the input of community members without ignoring interesting projects, or allowing already-popular games to continue dominating the system.

“Evidence we’ve seen so far is that a surprising variety of games are getting voted up to the top. But it’s also hard to figure out if something’s getting missed, so we’re trying to figure out how to test for that. For instance, we might find something that’s really interesting and could succeed as a playable game, but may not be doing so well as just a video. So how do we make sure we’re not missing that?”

Greenlight is certain to be tweaked and changed to deal with these emerging problems – recent introduction of a $100 fee to counteract ‘joke’ submissions demonstrates this.

Stay tuned for more Valve news.

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