New modding kit ‘hopefully’ available for Total War: Rome 2 – dev

Lewis Denby September 28, 2012 - 10:23 am

News: Total War studio The Creative Assembly say they plan to make the upcoming Rome 2 “as moddable as possible” – but can’t guarantee that modding tools will be available at launch.

Yesterday The Creative Assembly announced a new set of modding tools, known as the Assembly Kit, for Total War: Shogun 2. But with the developer’s next game on the horizon, and a community that’s long demanded better modding support, does the studio plan to bring these tools to Total War: Rome 2?

“We hope so. The intention is that,” said lead designer James Russell when we asked exactly that.

“We love our modding community, and we want to help them as much as possible,” he added. “We think modding’s a great thing – it extends the life of the game, really.”

But the tools won’t necessarily be available in time for the game’s launch.

“We’ll do everything we can to make sure that Rome 2 is as moddable as possible,” said Russell, “[but] that won’t necessarily be at release. We haven’t got any concrete plans for exactly what we’re going to be saying about that. But our intention is to make the game moddable.”

In the past, the Total War community has expressed disappointment at the lack of modding opportunities.

“It’s just challenging,” Russell explained. “Our tools can be quite rough and ready. We don’t have tools that would work in an external environment, so it’s been a huge effort getting that all together. But we’re really excited to see what the modding community can produce.”

The designer stressed that the community is hugely important to the studio.

“I think it’s really important to have a really strong community, and we were delighted by the reception to the announcement of Rome 2,” he said.

“It was certainly the game the community really wanted us to make. Whenever we released content for Shogun 2 or [expansion pack] Fall of the Samurai, it’d be like, ‘Brilliant… but where’s Rome 2?’. So it’s really exciting to get that kind of reception, and the modding community is a big part of that.”

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