Super Meat Boy Touch in early stages

Julian Benson March 16, 2012 - 10:38 am

News: Ed McMillen has said that he is in the early stages of work on the mobile Super Meat Boy, has a whole new theme.

A tweet from Ed McMillen has revealed that he’s “officially started working on art assets for the SMB [Super Meat Boy] touch screen game” and that “it will look A LOT different than SMB and also play a lot different.” This is to go in tandem with the new visual theme.

The indie platformer sold over a million copies across the PC and consoles in its original iteration. Since then McMillen has worked on the gruesome roguelike The Binding of Isaac. But the return to Super Meat Boy also means a return to working with Tommy Refines, the code-hero who built the first game.

A different looking, different playing Super Meat Boy game? Awesome.

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