Mario Kart 7 battle mode gameplay video shows off new courses and features

Jeremy Peel November 27, 2011 - 11:29 am

Three new courses can be seen in this gameplay video from the speedily incoming Mario Kart 7 for 3DS.

Mario Kart! There’s one for every Nintendo console, and they’re pretty much uniformly great fun. So it seems with Mario Kart 7, as shown in this battle mode gameplay video.

The new courses on display are Honeybee Dive, Sherbet Rink and Wuhu Town. The latter – for those who haven’t been following the latest in Nintendo world-building – is the urban centre of Wii Sports Resort and Pilotwings Resort‘s Wuhu Island (clearly named by developers who have never played The Sims). All three are extensively toured in the second half of the video.

The usual battle mode mechanics are in full force, and still offer a choice between a simple three-strikes-and-your-out arrangement or a more desperate scrabble for coins, which can be lost a la Sonic when a player is hit by a rogue shell. The new glider power-up does show its face, however, as a means of travelling quickly across a tricky course.

That seems to be about all that’s new in this so comfortably familiar of franchises. For a run-through of the mild innovations Mario Kart 7 offers before it lands next week, you might want to take a look at its last trailer.

You can keep up with news on Mario Kart 7 here at BeefJack.

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