Indie games soundtrack bundle goes pay-what-you-want

James Pickard November 25, 2011 - 2:32 pm

The Indie Game Music Bundle is offering up 10 soundtracks to popular indie titles, including Super Meat Boy, VVVVVV and Minecraft, at whatever price you are willing to pay.

The world’s officially gone bundle mad. Not content with the Humble Bundle, Indie Royale Bundle and countless others, the Indie Game Music Bundle separates itself from the rest of the the list by offering ten soundtracks from indie gems on a pay-what-you-want model.

The selection is well-varied, including the minimalist music from Minecraft, pulsing 8-bit tracks from VVVVVV and simply fantastic Super Meat Boy tunes. Some games I haven’t actually heard of before, but will hopefully match the quality of the stand out albums!

As an added bonus, pay $10 or more and you’ll get seven more soundtracks thrown in, including the atmospheric album for The Binding of Isaac. I had this to say about it: “Danny Baranowsky has put together a score with an eerie and foreboding nature, which meshes with rock guitar riffs and echoed choral chanting, before plunging into intense panic for boss fights and combat rooms. It brings together a wholly impressive, if somewhat frighting, experience of matricide.”

I’ve always thought that video game music is heavily under-appreciated, so this is a excellent way to give talented composers the recognition they deserve.

You can see the full list and nominate your price over at the Indie Game Music Bundle site.

You can also follow all the latest indie game news right here at BeefJack.

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  1. Avatar of Patrick Lindsey

    Anything ever by Danny Baranowsky I will be all over like some sort of monochromatic shade on some sort of grain. PPPPPP is also exceptional. And C418′s Minecraft Alpha soundtrack rocks. Hell, they’re all just really really good.

    I hope things like this (and the Humble Bundles, etc) really take off and start making waves in the “mainstream” gaming market.

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