Nintendo’s Merry Christmas!

Chris Ingram November 12, 2008 - 12:40 pm

Where is the Big N this holiday season? Last year the Wii was completely dominant, satisfying hardcore and casual alike. This was achieved in combination with Nintendo releasing key titles such as Zelda, Metroid, and Mario. While third parties released mini games and gimmick games that hooked in everyone. But what happens when the dust settles after battle? Did you have a backup plan? Were these warning shots? Well it seems as for Nintendo’s case it was neither, but rather all they had.

Sony and Microsoft have had more than a tough time catching Nintendo’s almost magical numbers when it comes to sales, but it seems as though their game plans are sounder. Satisfy the hardcore by giving the gamer what he wants. In turn he will spend first and last on your products. The Wii itself has outsold its software tremendously. People wanted to see what this new technology was about and in the beginning it was beautiful, and thirty minutes later we were playing our 360 again.

The casual market is just that, casual. Can you remember the things you found fascinating years ago that you have almost utter disgust with now? (I hate you YO-YO). That great game plan is why Nintendo is in the position they’re in right now which is absolutely nowhere. The biggest question asked now is can and will Nintendo satisfy the hardcore gamer? The truthful answer is No. Many gamers this year have at the minimum five games on their wish list. How many of those games are Wii titles? For most all that number is absolutely zero. So unless you’re playing SSMB like we all are, you aren’t playing your Wii at all.

At the end of the Gamecube’s life cycle Capcom released Resident Evil 4, which was before Metal Gear Solid 4 the best game I ever played in my life. You know why RES4 didn’t do the numbers it was entitled to? No one had a Gamecube even after selling ten million plus systems because at least 6 million were traded back into EB for a game on one of your other more preferred consoles and the other 3 million were somewhere in the house not next to the Playstation or Xbox. I fear the same fate will come of the Wii.

Who cares how many Wiis are in homes if they are not used, and one day that key release will come out and you won’t have all the cash and you’ll look at your Wii, at the cash, at the Wii, at the cash and make a very easy decision even though you really might want to play Monster Hunter 4 but who cares. As much as Nintendo wants to consider themselves in another league you’re not. You’re at E3 and your controller has buttons just like everyone else so get with the program.

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