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Atomsk March 20, 2009 - 12:00 pm


With the up and coming God of War 3, I figured that now would be the perfect time to turn God of War into a movie. Although, according to Wikipedia, a movie was announced to be in development as of 2005. So, instead of going on about how this movie should be made, I’ll talk about my expectations.


Every God of war game in the series revolves around action. Kratos is a viscous, vengeful Spartan with weapons powered by the gods. In every game Kratos uses his weapons to impale, skewer, gash, slash and decimat every foe that dares to face him. Usually, he does so in the most brutal and destructive means possible. We’ve seen Kratos split men in two, twists the heads off medusa’s, and even rip the eyeball out of a Cyclops. When the movie hits the big screen, I want to see just how brutal Kratos can be. Modern cinematic technology, and talented makeup atrists should really be able to capture all the gory detail of Kratos’ mutilations.

In the God of War series, Kratos visits the ancient Greek lands and wreaks havoc on everything in his path. For Hollywood movie makers, catching the ancient Greek feel for the land around Kratos should not be a tough issue. I want to see lots of stone, and lots of ominous fire. In the second game, Kratos takes his hatred for the gods out on the city of Rhodes in the midst of war. The city was battered and burned by war; capturing that essence of a destroyed city would be a key scene to show off what Hollywood has up its sleeve in scenic development. If the developers went to Greese to capture the landscape and environment, then they would be able to Greek pull off an ancient Greek environment.

Kratos made enemies of humans, monsters, and gods. No one in God of War really wanted to help Kratos. In the film rendition of God of War, Kratos should be portrayed as that exactly, an enemy of everyone. Kratos is always at war with everyone, including himself. As the film progresses, we should see Kratos’ reckless self destruction visually through his rushing in head first, kill now ask questions later, methods. physically this can be shown very easily, mimicking the method they used in the game. Whenever God of War showed the players a cut scene that flashed back to his life with a family, and happier times, Kratos looked more tanned and youthful than he does now. Taking a close look at Kratos, his face is well aged for being in his physical prime, and his skin is ghost white. A little makeup for whiter skin and blood stained skin as the movie progresses will add an accurate feel to kratos’ constant war.

The story-line for God of War isn’t too terribly deep. Simply, Kratos is tricked into killing his family, wants to get rid of his memories, the gods refuse, Kratos wages war on the gods. To put it lightly, this is the same old Greek mythology that we have all grown to know and love. Because God of War is a 4 or more game long series, it will be difficult to pick and choose the proper portions of the story-line to keep in the film. If Hollywood wants to do it right, they should keep the story in tact, beginning to end. Copying the style of the games wouldn’t be such a bad idea either. Start off with Kratos hatred for Ares, or even Ares’ death, and keep alluding to Kratos’ tormented death with flashbacks or even full conversations about his past with Athena.

God of War has always “done it right” when it comes to the games. Lets see a good director pick up this script and run with it so we don’t have another movie as bad as Street Fighter. I can’t wait to see this absolute gore fest hit the big screen.

crosses fingers

- Edited by Rusty

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