Mega Man VII with Zombies!

NHolman March 21, 2009 - 7:14 am


The Mega Man series has lived in player’s hearts and minds for years as one of the greatest sidescrolling-platformer-action series’ ever to grace the consoles of olde. However, after the first 6 iterations of the beloved series, the game’s formula began leaving a stale taste in the metaphorical mouths of so many, and by the seventh addition the taste was becoming the equivalent of eating a dying Amazonian horn frog or an ageing hairless chicken. The mid-nineties were busy times for Capcom so what could they do in this crunch? Well, it’s quite simple. Add zombies. Because really, what isn’t better with zombies?

This simple addition would completely revamp the series and, in a way, introduce the world to what would soon become a phenomenon, the zombie, with the help from another Capcom series, Resident Evil. With Resident Evil so close to release, the zombie infection had already swept over the Capcom offices, and surely the idea of these magnificent creatures had invaded the minds of the Mega Man team, right?  The Resident Evil series was also being launched just after something with a bit more of an impact, the fifth generation of consoles. This was the Mega man team’s swansong on the SNES and the Nintendo’s last exclusive, it had to be special.

Admittedly, platformers with zombies hadn’t been all too great (with the exception of the cocaine infused Ninja Gaiden), but Mega Man could have been something great. The protagonist has cannon for an arm! Cannon (If you wanted to know a synonym for this Microsoft word says: Big gun)!  What more could you ask for? Well, Capcom gives you more with additional power-ups.

Not only would there be regular zombie enemies that explode into a delicious bloody mess when fired upon, but imagine Zombie Man as a boss. He would be a robot-zombie* and when first spotted resting on the selection screen (resting in anticipation for the epic battle that will inevitably be waiting at the end of the level), humanity would sing hallelujah in rejoice and scream in terror. Humanity would be rejoicing in the obvious awesomeness that is a robot-zombie, and let slip the screech of horror at the fact that they must fight him.

The battle would be classic, staging poor Mega Man against this giant robot-zombie, Mega Man with his normal get-up (a big gun for an arm), and his counterpart with his, an even bigger gun. Why so big? Well, it shoots limbs, flaming limbs of your enemies. This weapon of course would be yours if you can defeat him, and this would be no easy task. In addition to being one of the first games with zombies, Mega Man VII would have also had the first giant boss battles that are so popular in today’s games (God of War, Gears of War, Resistance, ECT.). That’s right; Dr. Albert W. Wily was back and this time with a (lot more) vengeance (than the last six attempts, yeah he’s a failure).

After creating a machine that can bring the dead back to life, he decided to experiment, this explains the other zombies in the blue bomber’s midst, but as all good evil scientists do Dr. Wily becomes board with his normal minions and wants more of a challenge. It is a little known fact that Dr. Wily’s has an almost obsessive love for mythology (that’s a lie I crafted for the purposes of this article), and as fast as the thoughts of colossus entered his mind, was the monster created.

Not only would the defeat of this foe boost your self-esteem (the gore from the fight would slowly spell out ‘good job you’ on the wall behind you and applause for your efforts would fill the room), but you would get many valuable power-ups. They would of course include the excellent weapon which allows you to pick up you’re the corpses of any of your foes and use them as projectiles, but more importantly you can eat their brains for an increase in health. One or the other though, this would bring strategy to the game choosing between health or ammo.  These additions to you would prove invaluable to your efforts.

Mega Man plus zombies (and ROBOT-ZOMBIES, sorry internet about the caps but I felt it needed more emphasis) would have combined to become one of the greatest titles on the SNES and could have rejuvenated the series. Unfortunately, it must live on forever in my ever growing pile of dreams that will never come to fruition.

*Italicized to emphasize its utter greatness.

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