7 reasons why 007 Legends won’t be legendary

James Haresign October 12, 2012 - 3:00 pm

Preview: Activision are offering a tour through six of 007′s ‘legendary’ missions, but we’ve got seven reasons why 007 LEGENDS is looking more James Pond than James Bond.

1. Moonraker

The film was originally conceived as a quick cash-in on the Star Wars phenomenon, and it shows. Bond with laser pistols? Come off it. Moonraker is generally considered to be one of the worst in the entire franchise and now it’s being presented as a “legendary” mission? There’s hover-gondolas for crying out loud! It took the brilliant villain from the previous film, Jaws, and ruined him, first turning him into a comedy routine, and later a good guy. Don’t forget that the plot revolves around Hugo Drax launching a nerve gas from space, because that makes all the sense in the world, but thankfully it does look like developer Eurocom have at least tweaked that plot point a little bit.

2. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

When the pub discussion turns to ‘worst Bond film ever’, you’re likely to hear George Lazenby’s only film mentioned more often than Moonraker. These people are wrong (see above and trust that I’m utterly correct), but On Her Majesty’s Secret Service certainly does have that stigma attached to it.

Personal feelings about the film aside, this is more a story of Bond falling in love than the typical save Britain/the planet plot. The assault on Blofeld’s stonghold amidst the Swiss Alps does provide some quintessential Bond action, but you’re forgetting this is a movie that ends with James’ greatest failure and loss. After marrying the one woman he can allow himself to love, she’s murdered in a drive-by, and it’s thanks to the two villains he failed to stop during the awesome action in the snowy mountains. How does a game all about shooting people hope to cover that one?

3. Die Another Day

Okay, so Brosnan’s best outing, Goldeneye, is out of the question, but Die Another Day? Like with Moonraker, they’ve picked this Bond’s weakest film. There’s the invisible car that isn’t really invisible, the god awful Jinx, and Bond surfing. The last of the action set pieces takes place in the snow, which we’ve already had with On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. If we’re going to pick and choose films to give us as broad an experience as possible, can we please have some varying locations? Especially for a series well known for its globe trotting. There’s also the only sex scene in the entire franchise, and don’t we all want to forget that?

With this and Moonraker I’m starting to be convinced that people are trying to make us focus on Daniel Craig. Speaking of which…

4. Daniel Craig

Now I’ve got nothing against Craig’s portrayal of Bond (I’m actually a big fan), but when you’re making a game that’s based around the history of the franchise and you’ve picked films for each of the other actors, why do you then dump modern day Bond into them? It just doesn’t make sense. Well financial sense maybe, but it seems counter-intuitive to what Activision are trying to pull off here.

His delivery of “Goldfinger. You expect me to talk?” doesn’t even come close to Connery’s either.

5. Skyfall

Not the movie itself. No, the fact that 007 Legends is a game celebrating fifty years of James Bond by including missions based on films from each actor that has taken the role – well, except the newest one that is. That one you have to buy as DLC*. Good old Activision.

*It’s been pointed out in the comments that the Skyfall DLC will actually be free, and released at a later date so as not to spoil the movie. Apologies for this mistake.

6. It’s not just a movie tie-in, it’s six of them

We all know that getting a movie tie-in right is a rarity. We can count on one hand the games that have actually done it well. With 007 Legends, Activision aren’t just attempting to get it right once, but six times. Some of the movies chosen are questionable at best, too. When EA held the licence, they realised the futility in that approach and decided to go their own way, giving us pretty decent attempts like Everything or Nothing and Nightfire. Activision failed with Bloodstone, so they return to the tie-in and seem to be throwing everything at the wall in the hope it sticks. Once again they’re chasing the spectre of a fifteen year old game. Goldeneye is one of the few games that got the tie-in right and the Bond franchise is at its worst when it stands under Rare‘s shadow rather than trying to forge ahead.

7. Moonraker?!

Because Moonraker is that bad it deserves to be mentioned twice. What about Live and Let Die and have the voodoo vibe? Or The Spy Who Loved Me and the underwater Lotus? Roger Moore did manage the odd decent film during his run, you know.

007 Legends, from Activision, will be released on 16th October (US) for PS3 and Xbox 360, and on a later date for PC and Wii U.

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  1. Avatar of romar55

    This article is just pathetic. I’m sorry, but if your largest complaint against 007 Legends is that you don’t like the movies they chose to make into missions for the campaign OF COURSE YOU’RE NOT GOING TO LIKE THE GAME. The whole idea behind the titles is to feature a film from each of the different actors that played Bond. It’s tie-in that gives you a chance to relive a moment from each of the different eras. And for point 5 you are actually wrong. The DLC for Skyfall will be free.

    If you want a better article on 007 Legends that doesn’t make any petty arguments, this interview with the associate producer of the game will work, although biased towards the game:

    • Avatar of Jamie Donnelly

      Apologies for the Skyfall DLC mistake. The article has now been updated to acknowledge the error!

      As for the first point, it’s not just that James doesn’t like the movies, it’s that he doesn’t feel they really suit a FPS, or that there are much better ones to choose out of the Bond catalogue. When the purpose of the game is to showcase the best of Bond, I don’t think that’s a pathetic problem to highlight at all :)

  2. Avatar of 007martindb5

    Also the Skyfall mission is just dlc bacause of the movie starting after the games release and erverywhere on the internet they’ve written it is free to download! And On her Majestys secret service is one of the best bond movies, because of Lazenby beeing like Ian Flemmings bond. So if you really dont like something that hasn’t even been released yet, you shouldn’t complain about it now!

  3. Avatar of jamest77

    Wow, what a bad article. Let’s start with how bad your dislike of Moonraker. How bad is Mooraker?? For starters, opening weekend it was #1 at the box office and considered a huge success grossing over $7 million. For as bad as some people say it is, it is a Bond movie. This means for the most part it was a cut above most everything else out there. Moonraker is a very well made film on its own and very entertaining. I still don’t get why a lot of people nowadays dislike the film. Only recently do I hear people knocking the film. IMO it is much more classy and better made than many of the newer Bond films.

    Second OHMSS is a great bond film. Your comment about OHMSS being mentioned second to Moonraker is totally false. Although it was initially not received well by the public, it is now heralded by hardcore Bond fans as one of the best. Everything about the film is first rate. And probably the best written film that is closest to Ian Flemings novel more than any other Bond film ever made.

    Ironically the worst thing about OHMSS or moonraker in legends is seeing Daniel Craig as bond. It is jarring because Daniel Craig is not Lazenby nor is he Roger Moore. So the only point I agree with is your Goldfinger point. If it truly is a “legends” game than include the original actors. They are all alive and well.

    Interstingly enough, I think Daniel Craig could have been a great bond. However the movies that he stars in are so not like “Bond” at all.

    • Avatar of James Haresign

      Just to clarify a point, I don’t actually say that OHMSS is second to Moonraker in quality. What I say is the general opinion is against it and Lazenby, so pitching a game to the mass-market featuring that film is questionable. That and the story isn’t best served by an FPS. The only film I mention as a quality issue is Moonraker.

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