Burn Zombie Burn! Review [PS3]

Meat Abstract April 18, 2009 - 12:29 pm


Burn Zombie Burn! Is latest shooter from doublesix. The object of the game can be seen in the core title; you burn zombies. I downloaded this little zombie shoot ‘em up upon its release and while I haven’t dedicated all my free time to playing it, I am very much in love with this game.


Bruce is your character in the game. With his blatant 50′s greaser look and a chin to put Bruce Campbell to shame, your job is survive wave after wave of zombies while accumulating as many points as you can. That catch? Your multiplier depends on how many zombies you have set on fire. Killing a burning zombie decreases your multiplier and burning zombies become faster and more dangerous. There are three different modes available in arcade, with seven levels available that you will need to unlock. Although the levels are all the right settings for a zombie uprising (Suburbia, Army-base, Secret Lab), they don’t tend to offer much change to the gameplay and all the have same simplicity throughout.



The three modes on offer are ‘Free Play’, giving you an unlimited amount of time to kill zombies and try and achieve your bronze, silver or gold medal which unlocks more content such as more levels, rewards or more modes in the challenge rooms. ‘Timed Mode’ pits players against the clock, trying to accumulate as many points as possible before the time runs out. Killing burning zombies can drop more time. Lastly, there is ‘Defend Daisy’. Daisy, Bruce’s girlfriend, is sat in her car in the middle of the level. Zombies will immediately move to attack Daisy and your job is to protect her. This gradually gets more difficult with each passing wave but killing burning zombies can drop health for Daisy.


There is also the challenge mode. Much like the arcade, you must earn your bronze, silver or gold medal while accumulating points but the gameplay mechanics will change slightly with each challenge. One challenge may pit you in a room full of zombies with rain falling down, making setting them on fire impossible. Instead you must lure them to electrified floor in the centre of the room and earn points. Or, my personal favourite ‘Lawn of the Dead’, described as “A lawnmower and a lot of zombies. Enjoy.”



What I was most impressed with was the weapons. There are a lot of weapons at your disposal in this game, each will spawn on the map. Starting with your pistol (which has unlimited ammo), exploring the level may find you an Uzi, or a double-barrel shotgun. Of course that is just for starters. You can find baseball bats, cricket bats (Shaun of the Dead, anyone?), chainsaws, lawnmowers, flamethrowers. The list does certainly go on. There is even a gun that makes the zombies dance. Yes, they can dance like Michael Jackson’s Thriller.


Burn Zombie Burn! Is a game created from love. Any zombie fan will notice the many nods of admiration to Campbell, Raimi, Jackson and of course, Romero. With fun, cartoon violence graphics and a cheap price tag, this game is a worthy addition to anyone’s PSN collection and will offer hours of fun and replayability.

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  1. Avatar of Atomsk

    hmm, this game looked interesting just based on the title. I didnt put much effort into finding out what this game was about, but your review makes it sound worthwhile, i think i may go download it now.

  2. I think the game deserves a higher rating! It’s awesome and highly addictive. Plus didn’t you only play £6 for it and you expect an online mode? Think you’re asking for too much there!

    If you’re a evil dead fan, you’re bound to love this game

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