The BeefJack manifesto: why we think games are awesome, and what we’re doing about that.

Here at BeefJack, we think games are awesome. In fact, we can’t get enough of them. We spend our days playing, discussing and analysing games – and we even make our own.

Games can be wonderful, creative, social, powerful things. They can also be pretty stupid, but we’re okay with that too.

Since you’re here, you probably think games are awesome too. Which means you’re in the right place. At BeefJack you can read all the latest gaming news, reviews, previews opinions and features. We’re a leading source for alternative gaming content, which means we hope to bring you up-to-date coverage of exciting gaming happenings that you won’t necessarily find elsewhere on the web.

Plus, if you fancy a good old chin-wag, you can head over to our members’ area to do just that. You can even play a wide selection of games over on our gaming portal.

We like to be super-transparent about the way we work at BeefJack. As such, we’ve published our ethics policy and review score guidelines for you to have a good old read of.

Wanna get in touch? Send news tips or press materials to tips[at]beefjack[dot]com – or get in touch with an individual staff member below.


Jamie Donnelly – jdonnelly[at]

Yuliya Geikhman – ygeikhman[at]
Joannes Truyens – jtruyens[at]
Paul Yan – pyan[at]

James Pickard – jpickard[at]

Ben Ebell, James Haresign, Mark Seymour, Anthony Shelton, Sean Cargle, Wade D. Hinkle, Michael Johnson, Matthew Lee, Robbie Palmer, Keegan Spindler, Simon Williams

…plus a variety of excellent freelancers!


Shaun Leach – sleach[at]

Lewis Denby – ldenby[at]

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